The world’s most pressing challenges have no boundaries so why should your philanthropy? TPI’s Center for Global Philanthropy facilitates impactful giving around the world. Through field building and advisory services, we help funders create innovative and effective philanthropic strategies.

Increasingly, donors are expanding their giving portfolios to include both local and global strategies. Philanthropy in your own neighborhood is not easy. Giving internationally can be even more complex. Our advising capabilities are designed to help you navigate that complexity, achieve your philanthropic aspirations, and make a positive impact anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a multinational company interested in engaging employees throughout the world, a foundation evaluating the success of its international grantmaking program, a family searching for focus around a variety of international interests, or an individual preparing to make a philanthropic investment abroad, we can help. 

Philanthropy Consulting

TPI’s Center for Global Philanthropy and our networks around the world allow us to extend our pioneering efforts in strategic philanthropy abroad. Wherever your interests lie, we’ll help you create and execute effective philanthropic strategies outside of the U.S. We can help you:

  • Facilitate giving directly to international organizations, big or small
  • Develop a holistic approach to your giving through retreats or strategy sessions
  • Conduct research and due diligence on potential grantees, issues, and focus areas
  • Design and execute new programs
  • Benchmark corporate international giving
  • Develop thoughtful responses to short- and long-term needs after a disaster
  • Identify partners and facilitate donor collaboration around the world
  • Organize philanthropic site visits in countries of interest
  • Find creative ways to increase impact
  • Assess structure, governance, and programmatic strategies
  • Evaluate current strategies and/or grantmaking programs to identify lessons learned and best practices to incorporate in the future
  • Navigate complex international giving structures

Field Building

The Center conducts original research and field-building work that contributes to the growing body of knowledge about philanthropic topics, trends, and resources around the globe. Through a range of programs, workshops, educational offerings, and infrastructure-building efforts in the U.S. and beyond, we inspire more donors to engage – and engage more deeply – in truly effective philanthropy. Our field-building work includes:

  • Publishing knowledge products and funder tools
  • Launching and managing donor collaboratives and giving circles
  • Designing and facilitating workshops on international giving and building foundation capacity for global giving
  • Conducting multi-country and in-country comparative studies and case studies
  • Providing expertise on a wide range of social issues