Increase your impact with philanthropic resources.

The challenges and opportunities we face today are immense, and philanthropy can play an important role in addressing the immediate and long-term implications of any crisis. TPI’s mission has always been to encourage funders to be bold, to raise important questions, to take risks, and to strive toward greater impact – but this work is not easy. Valuable resources exist to help funders support and accelerate efforts to create the world we want. We hope the curated resource pages below will be helpful to all funders and others in the field of philanthropy.

Philanthropic Resources for the Ukraine Crisis

The war in Ukraine, as with other conflicts around the globe, has triggered a cascade of crises around which philanthropy can play a critical role. The desire to act quickly is universal, often matched by uncertainty as to how to choose the best ways to respond. TPI put together this resource page to help funders find information, organizations, and other resources we recommend.

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Racial Equity Resources for Philanthropy

In this moment, when the centuries-long work for racial equity is center stage, the challenges and opportunities for philanthropy are immense. As individuals and as a society, there is much we need to do. The urgency to come together to demand equity in every thread of the fabric of our society has perhaps never been stronger. TPI created this resource center to share a variety of resources, tools, articles, thought pieces, and more to help funders on this journey.

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Philanthropic Resources for COVID-19 Response

As the worldwide spread of COVID-19 evolves, philanthropy can play an important role in addressing the immediate and long-term implications of this crisis at home and abroad. The philanthropic community continues to create resources to guide us in responding effectively. TPI continues to monitor the situation to identify the roles philanthropy can play now and into the future, and to provide additional resources and updates as useful.

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