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Amplifying Your Philanthropy Through Impact Investing

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Through Invest for Better, an initiative of TPI, we’ve created a new workbook for donors interested in impact investing: Amplifying your Philanthropy through Impact Investing. Many donors we come across through our consulting work are experienced philanthropists, but new to using their investments as a force for social change. Aimed at helping the philanthropist who is a newbie impact investor develop plans for both learning and action, the workbook guides users through 6 questions to help identify possible ways to use investing to increase their impact on the people, places, and issues they care about. The workbook includes a concise primer on impact investing along with numerous examples of impact investments. It is intended to serve as a starting point for developing an impact investing strategy to augment one’s philanthropy, and could be used in planning discussions with financial, philanthropic, and other advisors.

Philanthropy plays vital roles in our civil society that cannot or should not be replaced by the capital markets. We need all types of capital – philanthropic, impact-first, frontier, and market rate – to tackle critical issues facing our planet, and an ecosystem of smart investors who know how to use all the tools in their toolbox. We hope this new workbook contributes to that vision.

If you’d like to discuss how you might use impact investing to amplify your philanthropic efforts, reach out to us at

This workbook was created with generous support from Fidelity Charitable.

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