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A 5 Step Guide for Creating an Expression of Donor Intent

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This workbook is a detailed guide both for documenting your intent and reflecting on the vision and purpose of your giving. It is useful for all those considering their own legacy or interpreting the legacy that has been passed to them.

This 5-step guide, created in partnership with Personal Legacy Advisors, provides everything you need to think through and express the values and vision behind your decision to establish a charitable fund, foundation, or bequest. A 24-page workbook-style guide for individuals, couples, or families, it provides an excellent starting point if you wish to accomplish one or more of the following: explore and articulate the origin and meaning of your charitable goals and intentions, consider and reflect on the life of a deceased donor whose goals and intentions you wish to understand and respect, empower successors or beneficiaries to carry forward and build on the foundation of your vision.

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