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Letters to the editor of the Boston Globe Magazine

March 15, 2019

TPI’s Managing Partner Leslie Pine shares her thoughts on “The Valedictorians Project” in a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe Magazine:

Boston’s Brightest

The complexity of overlapping issues contributing to student success — and lack thereof — was beautifully captured in “The Valedictorians Project” (January 20, 2019). We applaud your team for spotlighting what is needed to truly help Boston students achieve their potential. Madelyn Disla’s story shares in part the impact of the Janey Scholars Program, created by The Philanthropic Initiative 20 years ago on behalf of an astute donor, who realized many talented youth face nonacademic challenges and challenged us to find a solution. We know firsthand that mentoring and other supports can make a tremendous difference in the lives of talented youth who lack the resources and connections of more affluent families.

Click here for more information about the scholarship and college success programs that TPI designs and manages, including the Janey Scholars Program.