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Boston Sunday Globe Look at “Wealth Handoff” Builds on Conversations with TPI Managing Partner, Clients

December 25, 2021
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The Boston Globe‘s Rob Weisman cited not only TPI’s Managing Partner Leslie Pine but multiple clients as well in his front-page, long-form piece on Baby Boomers and how “imparting values is as important as the $84 trillion they will leave to heirs and causes.” Boomers Strive for a Legacy that is Far More than Wealth shows how Boomers — at home and at work — are leaving legacies of philanthropic passion along with their wealth to the next generations. Clients with whom the reporter spoke included the Sills Family Foundation, retailer J.Jill’s Compassion Fund, and the State Street Foundation. For additional reading on how families can pass along their values as well as guide younger generations into philanthropic work, TPI also offers primers in our Resource Library on Raising Children with Philanthropic Values and Giving Together: A Primer for Family Philanthropy and its accompanying workbook.