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Peter Lamb

Peter Lamb is an independent philanthropic advisor providing counsel and philanthropic solutions for family foundations, nonprofit organizations, individuals and their advisors who seek to organize charitable ideas, more strategically approach grantmaking and pursue family legacies.

Peter has served the non-profit field for over thirty-five years. He balances the art of philanthropic planning with the science of achieving effective results that improve community wellbeing while bringing deep meaning to a family’s philanthropic legacy. He is a trustee of several private foundations including his own 65 year old, currently fourth generation family foundation based in the mid-Hudson River Valley outside of New York City. He has served as a board member of numerous environmental, historic, arts and education organizations including the Maine Community Foundation, the University System of New Hampshire Board of Trustees, the bi-country Gulf of Maine Council, and the Wentworth Economic Development Corporation.

Peter served the staff of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation from 1999-2010 where he was the Vice President of Philanthropy and the Foundation’s Senior Philanthropic Advisor. He was a member of the Estate Planning Council and the Council on Foundation’s AdNet Steering Committee, a frequent conference speaker and a founding member of the national “Excellence in Family Philanthropy: Community Foundations Working Group.” 

Raised in metropolitan New York with ancient New England roots, Peter received his education in Community Development, Resource Economics and Forestry at the University of New Hampshire. He received that University’s “Profile of Service” and Marine Program Awards.  

Peter balances his time learning crafts and folkways that help define the origins of community culture. He is an accomplished woodworker and metal smith and lives with his partner Faith Harrington at their home on Gerrish Island off Kittery Point, Maine.