There is prayer or sermon or speech.
In other words we fall back on words.
No matter how elegant or impassioned
They are weak and that is how I feel,
Numb and dumb, staring into the face of evil.

All of us who sell widgets for a living
Or smoke and mirrors or even goodness
Have been stopped in our smart, fast tracks.
The elaborate machinery of life grounded,
The silly quarrels we have with each other,
The infatuation with our own importance
Absurd and pointless.

So listen to what the earth is saying,
Its multitudes, cacophony, infinities.
Alone we are nothing. Oneness comes
When we close ranks, we link arms
And a community of the human spirit,
A fusion of brothers, sisters, colors,
Rises from the smoke and rubble
On the shoulders of the bereaved.
Become invincible, a mighty phalanx.

September 12, 2001