Respite, a period of rest or relief, can play a key role in reinforcing caregiver well-being and effectiveness, and improved caregiver well-being can be linked to better health, better social-emotional outcomes, and lower costs of care for family caregivers and for older adults they care for. The first projects funded by the Communities Care Family Caregivers Respite Pilot Program emerged from an initial learning phase in 2019-2020 which brought teams of organizations together to apply Creative Problem-Solving techniques and identify new strategies for supporting family caregivers. In addition to providing grants, the program formed a learning community among the funded project teams to facilitate idea generation, relationship development, and shared learning. The New York Academy of Medicine will evaluate the program to explore the development and uptake of community-based respite solutions for rural family caregivers in Western New York, and the impact of respite on family caregivers’ health and well-being.

“Family caregivers play an essential role in the lives of older adults in our communities and deserve support and recognition for their invaluable work. We are proud to partner on this initiative with the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation with the goal of enabling organizations to team together and develop creative respite programs that provide a new level of support for our communities’ caregivers.” Ken Genewick, Program Officer for Caregiving, HFWCNY

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  • COVID-19 Related Resources
    Includes COVID-19-related safety information and resources for family caregivers and nonprofit organizations that serve caregivers